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Verizon Plans
Not just Unlimited, Verizon Unlimited.  Because an Unlimited plan is only as good as the network it's on, Verizon gives you the Verizon Unlimited Plan.  With HD video streaming and mobile hotspot included at no additional charge, you'll never go over again.  Don't need unlimited?  We still have you covered with a plan that fits your needs.

Single Smartphone Plan

You asked, we listened.  You don't have a large family, or even a small one, so why should you get a plan built for one?  Our new Single Smartphone Plan is built for you and give you Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text, and 5GB of 4G LTE data each month.  Plus you'll enjoy Carryover Data so what you don't use this month you'll have for next month and Safety Mode so you never have to worry about overages. 

Here's the breakdown:

Need a little bit more than just a Smartphone?  We've got you covered--with either of these plans, add up to two more devices like our 4G LTE enabled Tablets or a Jetpack Mobile Hotspot for only $10/month each, or one of our wearable Connected devices for only $5/month.

Single Device Plans
The plan for your Tablet, Hotspot or Connected Device.

A simple plan for a single device.

The Single Device Plan connects one Tablet, Hotspot, Wearable, Connected Car or other Connected Device to America's most reliable network.  Get 1GB of data plus Unlimited Talk & Text for as low as $10/mo when you enroll in Auto Pay.  No line access charge.  No data-sharing so you are in total control. ($15 monthly access without Auto Pay and Paperless Billing.  Connected Car includes 100MB of data.)
Get NFL Mobile to watch live local and primetime games, highlights, NFL RedZone and more. All without using any data*. Only on Verizon.

*Available to Verizon Wireless postpay customers over LTE. Other app activity, including downloading and browsing, counts against your Verizon Wireless data plan. Add'l data and/or bill credits will be provided to cover data usage for ads included in NFL video content. Subject to change.
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